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Season 2 is Live JULY 2016!

Season 1

MIDTOWN is a cop comedy set in Manhattan. The show is the brainchild of former NYPD Cop Scott Baker. After writing the ultra-popular book THE FUNNIEST COP STORIES EVER, Scott began doing stand up and became a top improv comedy performer. He then met Tom Malloy, a graduate of the famed IoWest Improv School. This is comedy at its best, with two guys who talk like cops talk.

Season 2

The crazy cops are back. Officers Baker and Malloy are reporting for duty as Season 2 of Midtown hits Amazon this July. The locales are the same: the cop car, the coffee shop, and locations for various calls, and it all feels like we're back into a show we feel comfortable with.

Midtown: LA

COMING SOON! The Sister show to Midtown, Midtown: LA, starring Gabriel Jarret and David Josh Lawrence as two cops who have to deal with the West Coast!