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Season 2 is Live JULY 2016!

Season 1

MIDTOWN is a cop comedy set in Manhattan. The show is the brainchild of former NYPD Cop Scott Baker. After writing the ultra-popular book THE FUNNIEST COP STORIES EVER, Scott began doing stand up and became a top improv comedy performer. He then met Tom Malloy, a graduate of the famed IoWest Improv School. This is comedy at its best, with two guys who talk like cops talk.

Season 2

The crazy cops are back. Officers Baker and Malloy are reporting for duty as Season 2 of Midtown hits Amazon this July. The locales are the same: the cop car, the coffee shop, and locations for various calls, and it all feels like we're back into a show we feel comfortable with.

Midtown: LA

COMING SOON! The Sister show to Midtown, Midtown: LA, starring Gabriel Jarret and David Josh Lawrence as two cops who have to deal with the West Coast!

Featured Clips

Vignettes of Comedy from the Show

Officer Yummy

“They call me Officer Yummy.”

Midtown Trailer

“It’s not a bag of secrets!”


“Batman had to have an alias.”

The Impersonator

“Is that Christopher Walken or Keith Walken?”

Midtown is hilarious! Its like Mystery Science Theater meets reality. Its disturbingly funny!

Russ Adams

This show is fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised with how much my wife and I were genuinely laughing. I don't write reviews often but I'll be disappointed if I don't get to see more of these guys.


THIS IS A GREAT SHOW...! I LOVE THESE GUYS..! I cannot imagine this how NYPD Officers get any work done saving Gotham from crime with men like this on duty.. Awesome! the Spiderman episode could be a Classic in TV history.

Techie Mike

The Funniest Cop Show Ever! These cops are hilarious. The banter in the squad car kills me everytime. I loved every minute of this show. I can't wait to see more.

R. Cioffi